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    This blog is mostly about math procedures in textbooks dated from about 1825-1900. I’m writing about them because some of the procedures are exquisite and much more powerful, and simpler, than some of the procedures in current text books. Really!

    I update this blog as frequently as possible ... every 2-3 days. And, if you are a lover of old texts and unique procedures, you might want to talk to me about them, at I’m not an antiquarian; the books I have are dusty, musty, brown-paged scribbled-in texts written by authors with insights into how math works. Unfortunately, most of their procedures have vanished. They’ve been overcome by more traditional perspectives, but you have to realize that at that time, they were teaching the traditional methods.

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About The Author

Masters and PhD, Educational Psychology. Many years of teaching math in Adult Basic Ed centers and community colleges.

20 years of federal service, including assessment and revision of training systems and statistician, data guy with the U.S. Department of Education. After retirement, 10 years as Adjunct Math Instructor, Southern Maine Community College specializing in remedial/developmental math. (now retired … again)




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